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Transport means different things to different industries. You might need to know how rail strikes are being negotiated, what sustainable aviation fuel regulation is coming or how post-Brexit border controls will impact your logistics. DeHavilland’s transport clients are treated as individuals and benefit from bespoke political intelligence that matters to them.

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Strikes dominate today’s agenda but it will be reform that impacts the rail industry long into the future. While much of the anticipated restructuring has only been outlined and Great British Railways is still in its transition phase, change is likely to be high up the agenda of the winning party after the next general election.

DeHavilland’s cutting edge platform and in-house team of experts will keep you informed of how rail policy develops in real-time and give you the tools to influence its progress. From identifying the right stakeholders at a national and local level, to providing the key points from the latest legislation and contextualising the rail industry within the broader transport sector, DeHavilland keeps your public affairs strategy on track.

Vital lifelines for rural communities, bus networks across the country were changed by the pandemic and funding is now top of the agenda to keep routes open. Reform is expected with franchising as a possibility, but action is yet to be taken.

DeHavilland’s custom alerts keep you up to date with each bus-related mention from parliament and beyond, while our in-house team of analysts extract the content that matters to you from legislation and policy updates. DeHavilland PeoplePoint also lists thousands of politicians and councillors across the country, who represent everywhere from the busiest metropolitans to the smallest hamlets.


Aviation opens the UK up to the rest of the world but it is often in the spotlight for its environmental costs. Legislation linked to the Emissions Trading Scheme or Sustainable Aviation Fuel adapts fast, and your organisation needs to know the Government’s current aims and regulations in order to plan ahead.

From environmental policies and the impact of the ICAO to the VAT ‘tourism tax’, DeHavilland tracks all major political updates. Our in-house experts work alongside you to understand your needs and goals – becoming an extension of your team. Real-time alerts make sure you stay ahead of the competition and allow you to avoid any unnecessary risk.

Post-Brexit trade agreements and border controls continue to challenge every freight and logistics company that operates internationally. Understanding these major political developments while focusing on the future of transport tech – from decarbonisation to green shipping corridors – as well as dealing with the “regular” day-to-day, means every government affairs team is now stretched.

DeHavilland’s in-house policy team provides additional resource and expertise across the sector including insight into the macro political context we all operate in. We recognise the role of freight and logistics in the future economy and partner with clients to help them shape it.

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Examples of the DeHavilland platform
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Larnie Hur – Deputy Content Editor

Larnie has worked across journalism, copywriting and content since graduating from City, University London with a degree in Journalism and Mandarin.

She joined DeHavilland in October 2022 to help the DeHavilland and Forefront Adviser teams craft high-quality content to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Larnie enjoys writing about food and is keenly interested in women’s health issues.

Emmen Ackrim – Policy Executive

Emmen joined DeHavilland in September 2023 after working at Portland Communications and the Labour Party. She previously she read European Politics at The London School of Economics and sits within the Financial Services team.

Reece Davies – Policy Executive

Reece joined DeHavilland in February 2023 after working in Government and public affairs. He studied Political and International Relations at the University of Manchester, before going on to complete a Masters in European Politics. He runs the education, welfare and third sector portfolio, and has a particular interest in higher education policy. 

Martha Loach – Policy Executive

Working within the Public Services Team, Martha leads on the public health and social care portfolio. Prior to joining DeHavilland in July 2023, she was a Programme Manager at a social mobility organisation before venturing into public policy research and events management at GovNet. She read History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh, with a year abroad in Washington DC. Martha enjoys scrutinising the socioeconomic contours of public health challenges and inequalities.

James Wilson – Policy Coordinator

James joined DeHavilland in March 2023 after having read Global Political Economy and International Relations at Leiden University.

He operates within the Corporate Services Team working across the financial services and FMCG and manufacturing portfolios. He particularly enjoys covering the international development sector and watching government policy on political economy and security.

Georgia Richardson – Policy Coordinator

Georgia recently moved from the commercial real estate sector to work on the public services team at DeHavilland, specialising in health and welfare policy. She studied Politics and History at the University of Manchester and particularly enjoys following welfare and housing policy.

Eliza Kehoe – Policy Executive

Eliza joined DeHavilland in June 2023 having previously worked at the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth in Ireland. Before this, she studied Business, Economics and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin. 

Eliza looks after the health portfolio within the wider public services team. She is particularly interested in health inequalities and women’s health.

Lauren Atkins – Policy Consultant

Lauren has worked in political monitoring since she graduated from the University of Bath with a First Class degree in Politics and International Relations. She joined DeHavilland in February 2022 initially covering the Education and Welfare portfolio, before her interest in the Online Safety Bill led her to take on the Tech, Digital and Telecoms portfolio in early 2023.

Molly Stocker – Data Team Leader

Molly is currently the Data Team Leader at Dehavilland. She joined Dehavilland in March 2021 after studying politics at the University of Southampton and working as a data administrator at a trade association. Her interest in data has helped to expand sourcing and she is looking forward to the upcoming constituency boundary changes and how this will effect the next General Election.

Sophia Corfield – Policy Consultant

Sophia joined DeHavilland in June 2022. She heads up DeHavilland’s Public Services Team and leads on the pharmaceutical portfolio. Sophia enjoys following developments in the life sciences sector as its importance continues to grow in political discourse.

Before joining Dehavilland, Sophia graduated from the University of Reading with a first class degree in History and International Relations. After graduating she spent a year working as an Agent and Fundraiser for the Conservative Party.

Josh Dell – Group Editor and Events Lead

Josh helps both DeHavilland and Forefront Advisers’s writers deliver stellar content, while also leading DeHavilland and Forefront’s events programme. When not working in and around politics, he writes about food and wine.

Miles Braslavsky – Senior Policy Consultant 

Miles joined DeHavilland four years ago having received a BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Birmingham. He manages DeHavilland’s Corporate Service Team and leads on the financial services portfolio.

He enjoys watching post-Brexit regulatory divergence play out over time having tracked closely the passage of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2023.

Arran Russell – Head of Content and Service

Arran has been at DeHavilland since January 2010. As Head of Content and Service he oversees what our clients receive in our monitoring service as well as the content and data on our website. He focuses his time on how we can improve how we support public affairs teams and is always working towards DeHavilland being the best in the business.

Before working at DeHavilland he worked for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, focusing on social mobility. He has a Masters degree in International Political Economy from the University of Manchester and a Bachelors in Contemporary History and Politics from the University of Salford. He has also run two of his own businesses, one coaching football to primary school kids and another investing in property.

Hattie Ireland

Hattie has been at DeHavilland for three years working across the policy and content team, and now leads our infrastructure policy team, specialising in transport policy.

She enjoys being able to work with a range of clients at the forefront of the issues of today, from recovering from the pandemic to efforts to decarbonise the sector.

Before joining DeHavilland, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class degree in History and Politics where she also spent a year abroad in Washington D.C.

Michael Cameron – Policy Consultant

Michael joined DeHavilland in August 2022 having previously read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Keble College, Oxford.

He looks after the housing, construction, and local government portfolio, within the wider infrastructure team. Within the housing sector, he particularly enjoys watching the ongoing debate about how and where the UK can build more homes.